Subclinical Acne Treatment with Lime

Lime is one type of fruit that is often used by experts in subclinical acne care for men or women. Lime contains vitamin C more than other types of oranges which contain vitamin C in addition contained also other nutrients that are good for facial beauty, health such as Vitamin B1, essential oils, amino acids, sulfur, resins, glycosides and citric acid.
This is the reason why the benefits of lime for acne are very well done!
1. Can shrink pore pores
A face that has a wide or large pore pore is very easy to enter the various impurities in the air. The open pore pores will accumulate the dirt along with the oil mixed with the bacteria then cover the pores and develop decay into the contents of acne. No wonder if the face that has large pores is very easy to break out. Lime juice can shrink and close large pore pores, rub or apply every day once for a small pore condition to stay awake.
2. Can lift dirt
Lime juice is binding dirt and oil on the surface of the skin. Its acidity keeps the stability of the skin after cleaning. The benefits of lime for acne, able to lift the rest of the dirt or makeup that is still left in the pores that are usually not visible to the eye.
3. Fade acne scars blemishes
Usually acne scars will leave traces of the wound or scarring, due to dirt mixed with bacteria that are forcibly removed or using a less sterile tool. Acne scars are usually brown to black and very disturbing facial appearance. Lime juice is able to fade the stains of acne scars and brighten gradually. In order to quickly succeed should apply lemon juice on the face every day before bed last night rinse on the next day.
4. Kill the acne-causing bacteria
Dirt and oil that accumulate on the surface of the face will be taken over by bacteria that decompose decay, then settles in the pores, Then it will cause the skin to itch, pain, pain, rash, red rash, swollen and others. Lemon juice has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory substances, so it is able to kill the bacteria that cause acne. To use lime you can read it on how to treat subclinical acne article.
5. Preventing inflammation in Acne
For some men and women there are experiencing pimples of blushing stone and contains liquid that if solved will cause irritation and inflammation. Never acne for acne if you do not know how.
Hands are the best source of bacteria that interact easily with acne. Apply lemon juice every day will reduce or prevent inflammation in acne. Even if it feels like it is a sign that the essential oil is working well.
6. Easing acne expenditure
Lemon juice is acidic and binds acne causes of acne into a process of hardening. That's when the inflammation of acne is gone and the hard acne content is ready to be removed. But use a special tool for picking acne that had been sterilized first with hot water. If you cannot consult a beauty expert or someone who has understood how to get rid of acne properly.
7. Heal the wounds caused by acne
Many people complain of pain and tenderness when the acne has been removed. For those who squeeze acne with a non-sterile hand condition, then the area will occur due to bulking will experience irritation, if severe will cause swelling.
Lime juice can neutralize acne scars to avoid getting worse. Wounded face due to acne will feel sore if smeared with lemon juice, but hold it for a while so that the healing process can quickly occur. If the wound is long ago apply lemon juice should be done at night before bed, then rinse on the next day.
8. Can flatten uneven skin tone due to acne
The face of acne for many years and experiencing inflammation can cause pigmentation damage in the area of ​​acne growing. Uneven skin color and very disturbing facial appearance as a whole. Lime juice is able to fade uneven skin tone, if you are diligent and regular smearing face with lime juice added a little honey. Use as a daily mask.
9. Can accelerate the healing of newly grown acne
The face of acne for many years and experiencing inflammation will cause changes in pigmentation around the area of ​​inflammation that occurs. Skin color becomes striped and uneven, acne inflammation area tends to be darker.
Facial conditions that have an uneven color can disrupt the look of a clean face. This can disrupt the overall appearance of the face. Orange juice contains strong antibacterial and vitamin C substances which, if they are combined, will be able to fade uneven skin tone and reduce inflammation.
10. Prevent the emergence of new acne
A clean face from acne will not last long, if not diligent cleaning the face after the activity outside the home or never clean the face at bedtime. In order to keep the face free from acne should every bedtime, apply lemon juice on the face for 20 minutes, then rinse with cold water or leave for a day until the morning before.