Effective Remedies for Acne

Today, acne is a common problem faced by people of various generations. When acne appears on your skin, acne may not need to be overly concerned about. However, when the acne appears on your skin is acne, then you need to handle it properly so that the future does not interfere with your overall appearance through the skies. Before knowing the various ways to remove acne, you need to know what the cause of acne.
Causes of Acne
  • The main factors causing acne on your skin are various kinds of dirt, dust, and pollution on your skin when you perform in outdoor activities, for example, so do not be surprised if it appears acne on your skin.
  • Well, sometimes when you have acne on your skin, you really want to push it with your hands and also actually filled with a lot of germs and dirt. Squeeze pimples with dirty hands will make acne breakout, and mengeluaran sort of clear liquid called, so timbulah acne. This fluid if not addressed will cause new breakouts on your skin.
  • Use of Natural Materials
Once you know the cause of acne, then the next will be outlined how nan powerful ways to eliminate acne. Here is his review.
1. Using Honey
How to remove acne The first is to use honey. How to remove acne with honey is already no doubt. Well, honey, why is the right herbs to treat acne?
Honey is a natural antibiotic that is of course very effective to kill bacteria cause of acne. Honey contains osmosis effect can be powerful to absorb the liquid contained in the wound and also can serve as a release of hydrogen peroxide, a very useful antibiotic to kill the bacteria that cause acne. The acidic nature of the honey can prevent the growth of bacteria that cause acne and also can prevent inflammation of acne that can cause acne. Honey can get rid of excess oil so that the risk of the formation of acne due to excessive oil can be avoided.
How do I use honey for acne?
  • First, you must wash your skin affected by acne first.
  • After that, with the help of a cotton bud then apply pure honey in a thin layer to the skin area that contained acne.
  • Let stand for 30 minutes, so that the honey can seep into your skin.
  • Rinse your skin with warm water and then immediately followed by cold water, then pat dry.
  • For maximum results, use this honey on a daily basis.
2. Using Lemon
Herbal way to treat acne the second is to use lemon. Benefits of lemon for acne are known in general. Then, why lemon is a powerful herbal ingredients in acne? Lemon contains antibacterial very useful to kill the bacteria that can cause acne and also can increase the body's immune system to prevent acne in the future. Lemon fruit is rich in Vitamin C, which can act as antioxidants to counteract free radicals and thus avoid your skin from inflammation caused by acne scars. Lemon fruit has astringent properties, where it makes a lemon can expel excess oil as well as various kinds of dirt in the pores of your skin, so it will be able to prevent dirt and bacteria that cause acne to clog the pores of your skin.
How to use lemon for acne?
  • To use these lemons, you are advised to mix the fruit with a little water content due to the acidity of lemon can cause sores on your skin while potentially irritating for those of you who have sensitive skin.
  • With the help of a cotton bud, apply a mixture of lemon juice and water in a thin layer on your skin area that contained acne.
  • Let the mixture stand overnight, making good use of this mixture just before you go to bed.
  • In the morning, pat dry your skin with cold water and pat dry.
  • For maximum results, use regularly.